About Us

With S.E.T You Can Rest Assured Your Getting The Best Of The Best With Years Of Hospitality Experience, When My Friends Where Playing I Was Washing Dishes At Restaurants And Worked My Way Up The Ranks.


Hospitality Consulting

Yes Operating Systems Have All Got Their Own Functionality Trademarks And We Have Experience In Many, Our Aim However Is To Train Owners And Top Management On Ops And Specks And To Make Sure By The Time We Are Done Your Shop Is A Well Oiled Machine.

We Have Trained Some Of The Best Waiters You Will Ever Meet And Have A Handle On Back Of House Like No One Else, Forget Pulling We Push.

We Will Spend Individual Time As We Deam Necessary With Those Problem Areas You Just Have No Answers For Anymore And Solve Your Headaches With Hands On Training.

Our Aim Is Essentially Upgrading Foot Traffic And Customer Experience So Word Of Mouth Takes Charge, The Most Important Thing To Remember Is People Support People Not Places Or Brands And We Will Make You Shine Above The Rest.

We Contract Our Services Out For Opening Businesses As Well As Standing Shops And Hotels.

A Min Of 3 Week Agreements Are Essential As The 1st Week We Apply The Secret Shoper Strategy And Start Our Assessments Accordingly Then Lift The Vail And Get Down To The Nitty Gritty.

If Your Serious About Excellence We Are Serious About You.


We Are The Last Resort When All Else Has Failed And You Don't Have Any More Time To Waste.